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Sharon Victory


Welcome to Victory Counselling Services, where you’ll find a compassionate, experienced, and understanding partner in your journey toward healing and self-discovery.  I bring a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for helping others navigate life’s challenges.

I pride myself on being attentive, approachable, and a good listener. My down-to-earth nature fosters an environment where you can comfortably express your thoughts and feelings. Rest assured, I am non-judgmental, embracing a realistic approach to counselling that combines professionalism with a warm, empathetic touch.

With a strong foundation in education and assessment, I have spent a decade honing my skills as a senior educator at Brisbane North Tafe. My qualifications extend to small business management and even justice of the peace, emphasizing my commitment to excellence and reliability in all aspects of my work.

My expertise isn’t confined to the classroom; I bring 35 years of experience from the health and beauty industry, giving me a unique perspective on holistic well-being. My strong leadership skills, coupled with emotional intelligence, allow me to guide you through your challenges effectively.

At our counselling sessions, you can expect a safe space where your concerns are met with understanding and expertise. Together, we’ll work towards empowering you with the tools and insights necessary for a brighter, more fulfilling future. Contact me today to embark on a journey toward personal growth and emotional well-being.


Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Qualified Counsellor
  • Justice of the Peace

education background

  • 10 years of educational training and assessment
  • Senior educator at Brisbane north Tafe

Professional Experience

  • 35 years experience in the health and beauty industry
  • Small business management
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