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Session Fees

First Consultation
(In Person)

$0 / 30 min

Further Sessions
(In Person)

$130 / 60 min

Areas of Expertise

Anyone considering or not sure we offer a free 30 min in person consultation. There after Price $130 her hour.

Some people may only require a couple of sessions 3-6 sessions or there are more layered complexities.

People requiring extra support may need  6-12 sessions, some even more…

Appointments are usually every 2-4 weeks.


24 hrs notice required.

Less than 24 hrs notice of cancellation will incur a late fee of $80.



Can be made on the day. We accept credit/debit card/direct debit/ or cash.

Health Insurance

Please check with your applicable private health insurance company for any rebates that maybe available to you.

No Medicare rebates or provider number available.

No referral required.


Client Confidentiality Policy and clients under 18yrs

All information you share with Victory Counselling Services and records are kept strictly confidential and will not be revealed to anyone without your written and signed consent. The only exceptions to this rule are if; There is concern that you may harm yourself or others. There is a child or young person who is in significant risk of harm.

This will also be confirmed with you verbally at your appointment.

Confidentiality allows a client to feel safe in a therapeutic space and ensure their privacy is maintained.

Victory Counselling Services respect a strict code of ethics and will uphold these standards throughout the entire partnership

For anyone seeking support under 18yrs old we recommend Kids help line or life line

Kids help line 24/7 PH 1800 55 1800

Lifeline 24/7 PH 131114

Victory Counselling Services currently does not work with people under 18yrs old.

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