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Terms & conditions

Counsellor's Responsibilities

  • To start and end the session on time
  • To provide a quiet, safe and private counselling space
  • To maintain professional relationship boundaries
  • To be an empathetic listener
  • To work within VCS scope of practice (within our qualifications)
  • To regard all contact and information as private and confidential unless VCS has reasonable doubt concerning actual safety of the client or others
  • To follow mandatory reporting according to the law
  • To be completely engaged with the clients concerns respectfully
  • File client information securely and privately
  • To contact your safety support person/GP/DR if VCS feels you are at high risk of harm and your safety is a concern
  • To refuse clients who don’t fit with the ethics and values of VCS
  • To work transparently and set achievable goals
  • To utilize the client’s time efficiently to achieve the best outcome possible

Client's Responsibilities

  • To attend appointments on time and respectful of the counsellor’s time
  • Less than 24hrs notice of cancellation will incur a $80 fee
  • No show’s will incur a $80 fee
  • To be honest and open about your concerns
  • To let the counsellor know if you have any negative concerns about the process/outcome
  • To pay counselling fee on the day ($130 per hr)
  • Let counsellor know if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and taking medication
  • To discuss with the therapist when you feel you are ready to end therapy/start a different therapy
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